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You might not be aware, but lefties and scissors aren't besties, not at all!


The problem lies in the order of the 2 scissor blades. When used left-handedly, the top blade will block the view of where the blades cut, resulting in poor and untidy edges. Another problem is, as we cut, other than pressing up and down (opening and closing), we are also twisting the handles sideways to maintain a sharp contact point between the blades. But for left-handed people, we are bending towards the other direction and widening the gap between edges where the paper would slip through rather than cut.

Specially made left-handed scissors exist, but again right-handed people can't use them... so are we going to always provide 2 kinds of scissors in all workplaces, post offices, and classrooms? If only there were a universal pair of scissors that do not discriminate the left against right...

Well, ABMI is designed to achieve just that! (Patent Pending)

Black Sky
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