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Foldable Token Box is made of 100% Upcycled plastic folders collected from a university we work closely with. They are brand new but left-over souvenirs of a past event and will be thrown away because they can’t be given out for free because of the printed logo... what a waste! So we collect hundreds of them, cut away the logo, and with clever design, transform them into a token box for LOOP! Save new plastic from going to the landfill and get an organised game board at the same time!

  • Compact and fit inside the game box
  • Fold into a box in 5 seconds
  • Fit perfectly on LOOP’s game board
  • No adhensive used,  100% recyclable after use


Foldable Token Box (3 pcs)

SKU: 0003
HK$69.00 Regular Price
HK$55.20Sale Price
    • 3 Foldable Token Boxes
    • 1 folding instruction
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