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LOOP, short for Life Of Ordinary People, is a 1 - 6 persons Serious Card Game that challenges players to reach maximum Happiness while balancing a material life and preventing a total resource depletion.


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LOOP is an FSC™-Certified Product.


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Game Design: Cyril Lee, Kenneth YWN

Illustration & Graphic Design: Cyril Lee

LOOP: Life Of Ordinary People (Full Collection)

SKU: 0004
HK$499.00 Regular Price
HK$400.20Sale Price
  • 30 Material cards

    30 Activity cards

    35 Favour cards

    20 Career cards

    30 Event cards

    9 Credit Cards

    30 Coin Token

    6 Happiness Marker & Reputation Token

    4 Quickstart Guide cards

    6 Player Mats

    1 Quadro-fold Game Board

    1 Rulebook (English)

    Future Expansion, Manga Story Campaign, & Challenge Scenarios are included in the Full Collection.

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